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I'm starting my blog anew today, to celebrate the move of my website to my own domain,!

It's mid-winter here in Canberra, and I take delight in how pleased my visitors are to be able to enjoy a warm getaway in the middle of our famed (within Australia, that is!) Canberra winters.  Of course, compared to the rest of the world, they're rather soft, but we Australians think it somewhat confronting to be presented with a light frost, lol!

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Rosebud cottage has a reverse-cycle airconditioner pumping out warm air, heatlamps in the bathroom, a further heater in the loungeroom and bedroom, lovely electric blankets, warmrails for the towels and a slow-combustion wood fire in the loungeroom.  Not to mention extra cosy wraps if you'd like one :)

Bell's Cottage has virtually the same facilities as Rosebud, electric blankets, heatlamps, etc with the exception of a small, but very powerful gas heater that heats the entire cottage in minutes, rather than a wood stove.  Some like to carry in the wood, while others prefer the touch of a button!

Whatever you'd prefer, if you're thinking of Canberra in the winter, treat yourself to a pampered version of a pioneer experience!

WARM regards!

Maureen :))

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